Prevention (e.g. genetic screening)

The LCH adult clinic provides genetic analysis for all adult patients diagnosed with LCH and ECD. In specific, the BRAF mutations (V600e) are investigated in order to define alternative treatment plans to every patient rather than conventional treatment. By this means we aim to offer the optimal therapeutic intervention to prevent relapses and permanent complications.

Acute care

The LCH adult clinic at the 251 Hellenic Air Force & VA Athens General Hospital offers 24/7 access to acute care through the emergency room (ER) of the Hospital. All patients diagnosed with LCH or ECD presenting with acute complications can be either treated at the ER or hospitalised for further management if needed.

Diagnostic services

The following diagnostic services are provided: – Histopathological Analysis – Immunohistochemistry – Computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) – Scintigraphy – PET – scan – Molecular and Gene Testing – Conventional radiological examination (X-rays), Bone Mineral Density – Spirometry, Respiratory Tests, Lung Diffusion – Evaluation of skin lesions by expert dermatologists and biopsies when needed

Interventional therapeutic services

Treatment intervention according to current recommendations for adult LCH and ECD disease. In addition, the LCH adult clinic offers administration of specialised anti-RANKL antibody therapy though a phase IIa clinical trial.

Rehabilitation services

Rehabilitation services are rarely needed in this specific patient group. However, when this specialised service is needed it is provided by the Dpt of physiotherapy and rehabilitation of the 251Hellenic Air Force & VA General Hospital.