Used by the LCH Adult Clinic

The LCH adult clinic uses the National Health prescription system in order to facilitate the diagnostic procedures and treatment of outpatients. In addition, the intra-hospital e-network is used for all the diagnostic and therapeutic procedures for inpatients. In specific, 251 Hellenic Air Force &VA General Hospital uses an electronic system (MEDICO) of registry of patients’ data from the medical, nursing and administrative personnel. Additionally, there is a Laboratory Information System (LIS) used for both inpatients and outpatients to order laboratory tests or receive results. An electronic system of sharing imaging pictures (PACS) performed in hospitalized patients is also operative. The medical staff uses also an e-prescription system in order to support the drug administration of inpatients. The medical files of the patients followed in an ambulatory basis are both on paper (including copies of the reports of imaging and laboratory studies and medical notes of other physicians who may have evaluated the patients) and in an electronic database of the clinic where the demographic, anthropometric, clinical, laboratory and imaging data of the patients are registered. The reports of the multidisciplinary team meetings are electronically filed, while a hard copy is also stored in the paper